Friday, July 2, 2010

just wonderful

What better way to celebrate Canada's birthday than with some chocolate cupcakes?
(Top Right: H&M Cardigan, top made by me, American Eagle shorts)
Heading out to watch Fireworks at the local park--it was such a chilly night
(BDG cardigan, Club Monaco top, Gap jeans, DIY circle scarf)

Post Canada day--
The Fam and I went to choose a nice wine and we got to partake in the process of bottling it!
(Dad's shirt, Mom's Danier skirt, H&M purse, Forever 21 ring)

Can't wait for the rest of the weekend...
p.s. surprised Brazil lost...can't wait for Germany vs. Argentina!


m.fay said...

that ring is cute...don't you just love forever 21 :) your blog is darling. hope you stop by mine and say hello.


nyc lu said...

i just posted that my new fave color combo is pink and orange, and look at you! ive also been trying to decie if i want to get a leather mini skirt. you mightve inspired me :)

inge luciana said...

yummy! the cupcakes look so delicious :9
and cute skirt, I like your skirt.
unique ring. :D

libys11 said...

love your ring and purse!!! looking great for canada day!! :D

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Olivia said...

cute ring. :)
i really like your blog!! :)
i would be happy if you stop by my blog and said hi. :) said...

cutie ! <3 : )

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh what a great look. i love your top and that you made it yourself! so creative.

i follow you now; feel free to check out my blog and follow me back! :)

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