Friday, December 9, 2011

something so ordinary

I stopped to look at the Macy's windows a couple of weeks ago while heading to school to do some work. Very cute. Really felt the holiday spirit!
It's been really long since I've last updated, but I've been really busy. Staying at school till 2am most nights of the week, and working really hard during the day too and on weekends! least after this week, the semester will be over and there will be a good month and a half of winter break!...Anyways, saw these really cool pictures of toilet paper rolls made into cool things. Just wanted to share:



Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick food, I mean photo update.

These days, I've been swamped with work but I try to walk around during lunch or dinner breaks so I can leave school and walk around. It probably sounds like I'm at school 24/7 or working non-stop...that's because I pretty much am! I can't wait for Thanks Giving weekend! Anyways, These are just some pictures I've taken here and there. Coincidentally, they are all food... Probably because it's usually work time, or eating time for me..
Went to the Doughhnut (I don't know if this is the spelling they used) Plant with my cousin two weeks ago. We aslo went to Cellar 58 a couple of weeks ago. Breakfast with a few classmates after we found out our prof wasn't coming to class. A free candy/chocolate apple from school and lastly, went to Crumbs today after class. Walked around Bryant park and looked around the little shops they had set up. I remember seeing it last year when I was here for Christmas. Loved it last year, and today it reminded me of how great New York was last year when I was only visiting, and not spending everyday at school! lol..



Sunday, October 23, 2011


Went to Williamsburg with my cousin last weekend (despite the fact that I should have been doing work..much like how I SHOULD be doing homework any other weekend.

Ate at Egg



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick trip home

So, thanks to Rosh Hashanah, I got to go home for a weekend.. Of course I would limit myself to basically two things: spending time with family and eating. Oh yeah, and I got a haircut.

I never knew I would be so happy to have dimsum.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living as Form

So…you may wonder why I'm on a bed of threads that probably weighs about 4 tonnes? The artist hid gold necklaces in biggie. No idea why I felt the temptation to dig through tangled threads for an hour.

My cousin and I were originally going to go into Brooklyn today to pick up something for my trip home on Wednesday (EEEEK, SUPER EXCITED!), but we realized that the trains going into Brooklyn actually run really defunct on the weekends, so we vetoed that. Instead, we got off at Delancey and walked around. Good thing our plans were cancelled because we stumbled upon this cool exhibition. We spent two hours there before we headed to dinner at The Meatball Shop. We were told that this place is pretty famous but the lineups are crazy long. We got there and asked how long it would take, and by luck, five minutes later, we were seated! I had spicy pork meatballs with a cream parmesan sauce over risotto and it was delicious! 



Saturday, September 17, 2011

here and there

Finally taking the time to gather some pictures I've been taking here and there from these few weeks. I really hate putting off blogging because I'm forced to upload so many pictures at the same time..The problems with this are: too many pictures to go through and edit, uploading so many pictures at once takes way too long, I can only choose one or two pictures from one very eventful day, I can't go into detail explaining why I chose the pictures I chose etc. After all, blogging is important to me because I need to occasionally look back and see what I've been doing. With my memory, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, I've come to realize that breakfast foods have become a real staple for me. It's usually cereal, yoghurt, toast, fruits etc. all day. Especially with how busy school has been lately, unless it's leftovers from the night before, I'm usually just grabbing whatever I can to put into a tupperware so that I can quickly get out the door.

Our first home cooked meal
What we did during the hurricane: ate junk food and watched Project Runway (what we still sometimes do..)
Everything closed and prepped for the hurricane
Late dinner one night
Sockerbit ..mmmmmM!
Display at Dylan's Candy Bar. I walk by that place everyday, twice a day. Definitely not good for my major sweet tooth
At Cha Chan Tang. 
Malaysian food…can't remember the name of this place…the wait was crazy!
After volunteering for an event during NYFW. The producer being interviewed
LOVED this collection!!!
One of the designers doing an interview
Volunteering at the Metropolitan Pavilion for NYFW
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Cool sterilized water dispenser in our school's D building. Found this while leaving school one day. Reminder to myself: Must try
Urban Outfitters was doing a preview, and were giving out little snacks
Cheese dukbokki
Hells Kitchen Flea Market
Dinner at Lina Frey
Hopefully, I'll be more consistent in my blogging in the future. 

In the meantime, 


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