Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick food, I mean photo update.

These days, I've been swamped with work but I try to walk around during lunch or dinner breaks so I can leave school and walk around. It probably sounds like I'm at school 24/7 or working non-stop...that's because I pretty much am! I can't wait for Thanks Giving weekend! Anyways, These are just some pictures I've taken here and there. Coincidentally, they are all food... Probably because it's usually work time, or eating time for me..
Went to the Doughhnut (I don't know if this is the spelling they used) Plant with my cousin two weeks ago. We aslo went to Cellar 58 a couple of weeks ago. Breakfast with a few classmates after we found out our prof wasn't coming to class. A free candy/chocolate apple from school and lastly, went to Crumbs today after class. Walked around Bryant park and looked around the little shops they had set up. I remember seeing it last year when I was here for Christmas. Loved it last year, and today it reminded me of how great New York was last year when I was only visiting, and not spending everyday at school! lol..




those donuts look so YUMMMMMM!

Lisa said...

omgosh the cupcake in the last pic is like ALL FROSTING!! I WANT IT!!! hahaha.. loved looking at NY through your eyes!!!

btw i LOVEEE williamsburg.. it's one of those geeky historical places i love hahaha and gets me so excited haha i've been wanting to take my husband there for ages!

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