Sunday, September 27, 2009

Over the Weekend

Yay for long weekends! They make me never want to go back to school.. :(

On Friday, we went to go check out Uni fair early in the morning. Crowd was okay, there weren`t too many people, but omgness, the books that we had to carry...! The weight was unbelievable! My friend and I had to stop afterwards at a coffee shop to dump out some books (I mean, recycle).

On Sat, my family and I went downtown and me and my sister were just playing around in some model homes(?, not exactly homes, more like rooms).

(wearing: H&M turtleneck, vest that I sewed, moms leather skirt(Danier), moms vintage necklace, H&M bag)

(Right: the wall was way too cool; totally cool effect. Top: Such a pretty bathroom)

Later in the night, my friends and I went to a performance of a friend of a friend of mine. LOLS, pretty distant when it`s put into words like that.. Anyways, they were super good!

This is one of the bands that played before them.. I think their name was ..The Stem? I could be wrong .. totally bad memory =( lol

When the band that we went down for started setting up the stage, EVERYONE started to head towards the stage... They definately saved the best for the last.. During one of their songs, people started getting on stage and danced along!

(Left: the lead singer and I. Right: my friend and her friend; cute candid eh?)

Overall, the place was undeground and had bad air circulation, it was kinda dark and dingy, it smelt kinda like piss, puke and sweat, 3 out of the 6 bands I heard were only Okay; would I go again? yes.

At the end of the night, when we were walking to the station, I got a picture of the beautiful buildings and lights!

Finishing off the weekend, my family and I attended a dinner with my relatives. Can`t say it was a blast...blame it on the generation gap.. me and my sis had to entertain ourselves with thumb wars ...

(wearing: F21 dress, belt from a random dt fabric store, steve madden peep toes, and a little something to cover the shoulders on a chilly night)

And, I almost forgot to mention, I had the BEST almond cake over the weekend... Tooo delish!

hope you guys had as good of a weekend as (or better than) I did!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Senior year!

Three weeks into my last year of hs! Already feeling a bit of stress; but, after this year, HS will be done and officially over! So working hard now, and pulling through later will be all worth it!! Anyways, it's been a while since I've been updating, and it's obviously the fault of homework and such.. Oh man, I miss staying up at night not having to worry about school or homework. =(
Anyways, working hard for the next few months will all be for getting into uni. So, hopefully it will pay off. Uni fair starts tomorrow, maybe there'll be something interesting there. Though, I'll probably find much more while shopping (which we probably will be doing, hehe).
So, as usual, nothing too eventful happens at school anymore and the weather has been so crummy, raining and all. I tried to dress the opposite.

Today, after school, I took some photos around the school and the park since the SUN finally decided to show up and grace us with his beautiful rays :)

(Today for school, I wore: Old Navy tank, American Eagle cardigan, Silence+Noise pants, UO shoes, mom vintage necklace)

Hopefully, the sun stays for a bit longer than just a day or two. I'll be going to a friend's friends' concert on Sat! Totally excited for that! This is officially the start of the FIRST long weekend since school has started!

Amusez-vous ce week-end!



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

So gr 12 has finally begun and I'm super nervous already for the rest of the year. On the first day, I've already decided on three courses that I absolutely HAVE to drop out of a measly number of 8. I've considered other routes after high school and I felt reinforcement on the route that I had previously chosen for post-HS. And I finally understood that this year is the year to make it, or break it. All-in-all, still trying to anticipate the rest of the school year in some sort of positive manner.

Anyways, this is what I wore to this (what felt like a life changing) day:
Old Navy tank
DIY belt
Jacob vest
Rudsak skirt
UO shoes

Appropriate first-day-of-school wear, yes?

Homework time now...



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day at the Museum

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the Museum; surprisingly, it was a blast!! We saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, dinosaurs, beautiful butterflies and so many cultural things from all around the world. Seeing so many things from so many places kind of enlightened me. We had hot dogs from the street vendors and ice-cream from the ice-cream truck. DELICIOUS!

Here I am with my dinosaur buddies LOLS

Old Navy tank
Jacob cardigan
Club Monaco skirt
bag - souvenir from Cousin from Paris

One floor down and I'm in China! lol
(Doesn't it looks weird when I'm so small in one photo and so big in the other? LOL)
Anyways, it was super fun since I haven't been to the museum in a long time. Too bad summer is quickly coming to an end and school is fast approaching. It looks like soon, I'll be too busy with school and choosing Uni's. AHH!! I can feel the stress coming! AND bummer about my G2 too, since I couldn't take it because of the strike.. it's rescheduled to the 8th.
The last weekend before summer's over is coming sooon!!! I hope it will be a good one..


Cousins Clothes

When I slept over at my cousins two days ago, she and I had a bit of fun modeling and snapping a few pics of the dresses that she made. YES, she made these beautiful clothes. Surprises me too =P (joking).

This dress will be featured at her Uni's Fashion Show that she is directing this school year. Can't wait!!
This dress is so pretty! And the shiny material makes it look so sleek(?) lols!
She made this skirt during the sewing class that we took at the beginning of the summer. My skirt didn't quite see the end =( .. lol.
Also wearing:
tank from Old Navy
necklace from Montreal(cousins)
belt from UO(cousins)



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