Thursday, September 24, 2009

Senior year!

Three weeks into my last year of hs! Already feeling a bit of stress; but, after this year, HS will be done and officially over! So working hard now, and pulling through later will be all worth it!! Anyways, it's been a while since I've been updating, and it's obviously the fault of homework and such.. Oh man, I miss staying up at night not having to worry about school or homework. =(
Anyways, working hard for the next few months will all be for getting into uni. So, hopefully it will pay off. Uni fair starts tomorrow, maybe there'll be something interesting there. Though, I'll probably find much more while shopping (which we probably will be doing, hehe).
So, as usual, nothing too eventful happens at school anymore and the weather has been so crummy, raining and all. I tried to dress the opposite.

Today, after school, I took some photos around the school and the park since the SUN finally decided to show up and grace us with his beautiful rays :)

(Today for school, I wore: Old Navy tank, American Eagle cardigan, Silence+Noise pants, UO shoes, mom vintage necklace)

Hopefully, the sun stays for a bit longer than just a day or two. I'll be going to a friend's friends' concert on Sat! Totally excited for that! This is officially the start of the FIRST long weekend since school has started!

Amusez-vous ce week-end!


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