Sunday, September 27, 2009

Over the Weekend

Yay for long weekends! They make me never want to go back to school.. :(

On Friday, we went to go check out Uni fair early in the morning. Crowd was okay, there weren`t too many people, but omgness, the books that we had to carry...! The weight was unbelievable! My friend and I had to stop afterwards at a coffee shop to dump out some books (I mean, recycle).

On Sat, my family and I went downtown and me and my sister were just playing around in some model homes(?, not exactly homes, more like rooms).

(wearing: H&M turtleneck, vest that I sewed, moms leather skirt(Danier), moms vintage necklace, H&M bag)

(Right: the wall was way too cool; totally cool effect. Top: Such a pretty bathroom)

Later in the night, my friends and I went to a performance of a friend of a friend of mine. LOLS, pretty distant when it`s put into words like that.. Anyways, they were super good!

This is one of the bands that played before them.. I think their name was ..The Stem? I could be wrong .. totally bad memory =( lol

When the band that we went down for started setting up the stage, EVERYONE started to head towards the stage... They definately saved the best for the last.. During one of their songs, people started getting on stage and danced along!

(Left: the lead singer and I. Right: my friend and her friend; cute candid eh?)

Overall, the place was undeground and had bad air circulation, it was kinda dark and dingy, it smelt kinda like piss, puke and sweat, 3 out of the 6 bands I heard were only Okay; would I go again? yes.

At the end of the night, when we were walking to the station, I got a picture of the beautiful buildings and lights!

Finishing off the weekend, my family and I attended a dinner with my relatives. Can`t say it was a blast...blame it on the generation gap.. me and my sis had to entertain ourselves with thumb wars ...

(wearing: F21 dress, belt from a random dt fabric store, steve madden peep toes, and a little something to cover the shoulders on a chilly night)

And, I almost forgot to mention, I had the BEST almond cake over the weekend... Tooo delish!

hope you guys had as good of a weekend as (or better than) I did!

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carrie send me pics from the concert!!

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