Monday, October 5, 2009

iPod Mini: Working :)

So, after taking a four year haitus, my iPod mini is working again! I can't wait to start using it again! I've missed it and its pink-ness! lol!

Anyways, school as it should be, is stressful, but.. at the end of the day, that really shouldn't get in the way of everything else. After-all, you only live once, so why stress?
As usual, Monday's are boring and it's usually hard to get back into the routine of school after a weekend.

(Wearing: H&M hat, Club Monaco men's shirt, Spice Girls concert T-shirt, Hollister shorts, H&M leggings)

Over the weekend, my family and I celebrated the Moon Cake Festival with our relatives. Usually, I really don't care much for it, but this year, I didn't mind. It was nice to have all our relatives together and just joke around and have fun.

My cousins and I went to Nuit Blanche after dinner but too bad we didn't see much; but, the atmosphere was great and I loved it. The feeling of so much people around was so great! We did however, see one exhibit that was really just SO useless! It was a bunch of people with white sheets over their heads and they were called the "Ghost Choir" or something like that.

I don't even understand why people were crowding around!

Changing text in the middle of the two buildings:
Left: A girl from OCAD with her project. Right: Me watering her.
(Wearing: Zara Coat, Silene + Noise pants, DC shoes)
The Thing to notice though however, is the girl in the left picture lying on the floor to take a picture of the changing text. Shortly after this picture was taken, someone tripped over her.

Some Amazing graffiti art:

Left: Moving Lights. Right: Cousin and I with moving lights

This guy had an amazing helmet!

A few pics of my cousin taking a few shots. Can't wait to see her developed film! Check out her blog @!

And lastly, a few pics of the Toronto nighttime.

I hope everyone had a good weekend too cause here comes another week!


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cara being cara, dunno u actually have a blog and update it!

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