Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living as Form

So…you may wonder why I'm on a bed of threads that probably weighs about 4 tonnes? The artist hid gold necklaces in biggie. No idea why I felt the temptation to dig through tangled threads for an hour.

My cousin and I were originally going to go into Brooklyn today to pick up something for my trip home on Wednesday (EEEEK, SUPER EXCITED!), but we realized that the trains going into Brooklyn actually run really defunct on the weekends, so we vetoed that. Instead, we got off at Delancey and walked around. Good thing our plans were cancelled because we stumbled upon this cool exhibition. We spent two hours there before we headed to dinner at The Meatball Shop. We were told that this place is pretty famous but the lineups are crazy long. We got there and asked how long it would take, and by luck, five minutes later, we were seated! I had spicy pork meatballs with a cream parmesan sauce over risotto and it was delicious! 



Bonniela said...

The exhibition looks so good! Would have LOVED to visit!

swellmayde said...

great art exhibit... i would totally dig in there too! :) love your style too! :)

xoxo, aimee

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