Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dressed in fashion for FNO in New York city

Finally got to experience FNO in New York city. Met up with my cousin today after class. Too bad we weren't able to go to more places, and there were too many lines for the stores. We ended the night sitting by the sidewalk, eating with a couple of beers, and people watching. And by "ending the night" I obviously mean: before we had to take the subway and hike home. In Toronto, walking for more than a couple of hours a day is insane. Here, two hours is the very least.
Have been a bit too busy to blog lately. School has been taking up almost 98% of my time. Working way into the early morning hours at home, and finishing up at school between 11:00 pm-2:00am. Thank goodness I will be dropping two courses this semester. I am currently way over my head. 

In the meantime, 

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Lisa said...

you look so pretty!! that window display with all the miniture clothes are so adorable :)!

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