Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink, Raise Your Glass

Throughout the course of this week..
(Grandma's vintage scarf, Grandma's vest, Gap top, BDG jeans, Miss Sixty flats)
I've decided that on top of fashion design, I will also apply for fashion merchandising and management ("Fashion Communication" at Ryerson)
Decorated a little bit for Halloween (will finish the decorating on Halloween day--scared it might rain the night before, and waste my efforts)
(Dark Harts cardigan, Armani Exchange top, Jacob jeans)
Pumpkin, YUM
(Gap top, Vest-My own original design, Zara leggings, Sam Edelman "Zoe")
Just the usual-here's me looking for something in my bag. I've come to realize that in addition to having bad memory, I lose EVERYTHING. I especially hate it when I lose the essentials, and then I have to buy another one obviously (since it's an essential), and then I end up finding lost one two days later!

Here's my friend and I. We're Crackle and Pop! We went to celebrate Halloween with our friend at York uni. I only have a limited number of pictures from that night, but I'll post more when I have pictures of us with Snap!
Happy Halloween everyone!


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