Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catch the Taste, Live and Breath

First off, Happy Father's Day to every awesome father out there, and especially to my #1 Daddy! Not often are we a family to miss out on 1.excitement, 2.crowds, 3.good food 4.good cultural mix so we headed down to Little Italy for my Daddy's Day enjoyed wonderful mix of everything mentioned earlier, and more!.. But actually mostly just food. I could barely sit still in the car on the ride home because I was TOO full and ended up feeling sick at every turn the car took! EEEK!

Fish tacos, Italian Nachos(?!), Churros, Gelato......&more that were not photographed. YUM. Oh yeah, by-the-way, I do usually eat like a slob, food drops onto my clothes and hands. Totally gross. I know. Don`t judge me...ha. Noticed the lipstick on my taco? I heard that we lipstick wearers swallow on average approximately 6 lbs of that stuff in a lifetime.
A year ago, I made this cute little yellow dress for my little sister and she hated it! I wore it once last year and when I found it in my sister's closet the other day, I had to take it out for a walk (to the supermarket for milk..). Anyways, I took it out nonetheless. And no matter how cool I made it look, my sister still hated it! HA! A few weeks ago, I bought this orange-y ring and I think it`s so cute!



il était une fois... said...

omg my mouth is watering!! that food looks beyond delish YUMMO!


Eva Silviana said...

Really looks so yuuuuumy!!!

Nádia said...

just discovered your blog and i'm totally following!

loved both looks you showed, especially yours sisters dress, hehehe!

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

I love this yellow dress! So funny!

Lisa said...

love this post food and fashion my two absolute favorite things.. hahah your yellow dress is gorgeous on you!

Katherine said...

Wow all the food looks delicious, and you look so chic! Hope you had a nice Sunday :)

Miss Kwong said...

u look great in every outfit! <3

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swellmayde said...

thanks for stopping by!!

i simply adore your blog... love your photos! they tell a great story... and the food looks so YUMMY!!! what camera do you use?

take care, aimee
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giselle said...

i have the same necklace as you!
you wear it sooo much better though;p

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