Saturday, August 27, 2011

Despite a raging hurricane...

…we do what we do.

My cousin and I have been talking about it forever. We haven't done one in so long. It used to be almost like tradition. So despite this impending hurricane, we quickly finished dinner, ended up lazing around a bit..and finally got around to doing what we have been talking about for ages. Dressing up and taking pictures! Every year, a handful of times, we spontaneously have mini-photoshoots. Just because we are cool like that. Anyways, because of the hurricane, all the stores were closed, and we stayed in, ate like crazy, and watched Project Runway. Sounds a lot like what we will be doing tomorrow…


p.s. My cousin forced me to give her credit…So, thanks Anna for helping me take beautiful pictures. Visit her at !
p.p.s. She styled me too. If you guessed, yes, she did make me write that too.


Hallie said...

You look so beautiful in all the pictures, but I like the last one, your hair and make up, perfect!

TONJE said...

despite heavy rain and wind, you look pretty awesome!

xx T

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