Wednesday, August 24, 2011


finally an update

A couple of weeks ago (before the big move), I was frantically trying to meet up with a bunch of good friends before I had to leave. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures except for this one time I went with a few girls to eat dinner and wander around for some desserts. 
Sitting at the apartment alone (my cousin went to orientation, I'm too rebellious for those things :P (just kidding)) and looking at pictures taken in Toronto makes me feel slightly nostalgic. My family just left yesterday, and experiencing the "earthquake" (I didn't feel anything..but still had to evacuate the Apple store for what felt like an hour), I was extremely worried for my family because I knew it was felt around Toronto as well. Anyways, since it's Toronto, and practically the greatest city in the world (I'm biased), everything is fine. Anyways, plans for today: 
Go out and buy a laptop case
Go out in general and not be a loser who stays at home with nothing to do in a new and exciting city..


On a side note, the milk and yogurt here tastes funny, but it might be because we accidentally left the fridge ajar yesterday when we went out. ugh

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Lisa said...

carrie you and your gf's are so pretty!!! omgosh those cakes look SOOO GOOD!! omg!! hahaha

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