Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(scarf: I knit, everything else is from hk!)
The most wonderful thing happened the day that I got back from vacation! I received a notice on my door saying that I missed a package that was delivered and that it would be delivered again the next day. That had me thinking: "hmm, what could that be? How could the sender know that I would be back on that day, and know to send it that day as well?!" Anyways, the package came again the next day, and it turned out to be an envelope. Lo and behold, it was my acceptance letter from FIT in New York! AHHHHH! How wonderful that I came back just in time to get my acceptance letter!

1at a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver
2the houses in Vancouver are so pretty!
3really good fresh grapefruit juice in Hong Kong
4my Aunt's cats. They are so cute!
5the plane ride home. I think I saw the sunrise/the appearing of the sun?

I haven't had time to look through and filter all my pictures from my vacation(there are just too many), so I uploaded some of the pictures I took with my phone. These photos do not do any justice to the wonderful vacation that I had. Soon, I promise, I'll get up off my lazy bum and publish a post with some actual depth! hehe

in the meantime:


dan said...

Congratulations Carrie! :)

Tassos P said...

Good luck with your studies dear, congratulations!
I like your blog!

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