Sunday, April 3, 2011

dinner for lunch, dessert for dinner

(shirt and cuff bracelet from China; pants, letter necklace, ring from Hong Kong; vintage black necklace from my wonderful cousin; Marc Jacobs sunglasses; grey Wilfrid tights; Aldo pumps; Velvet/cheesecake; mocha affogato)

So I've decided that while I'm responsible for taking care of my kid sis, we're going to break all the rules (or at least some of them). Usually, we eat dinner first, and decide on dessert afterwards depending on how full we are. Today, we had dessert first and decided whether or not to have dinner second. Needless to say, we had desserts all the way (this decision seemed much more reckless when we were deciding on it in the Anyways, today's weather was just excellent, I hope the weather will only improve from here, and I definitely hope there's no more snow in store for us! I had a wonderful weekend resting, (since my sis left me at home the entire Saturday (she was at a birthday party)), and am still suffering slightly from jet lag (sleeping at four am, waking up at three pm), but I've promised myself that I WILL finish unpacking and all the cleaning around the house.


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Thu said...

Love this amazing outfit!

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