Saturday, April 30, 2011

so young

(Mother's blazer, Gap t-shirt, pants I designed and sewed, H&M bag, Vintage necklace)
I'm so glad the weather is starting to get so warm and sunny. The best feeling is driving around around town with some good summer tunes and with the windows all the way down. Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with a childhood friend who I haven't seen in 5+ years. I can still very clearly remember those days when we used to be so young and carefree. The thing I love about meeting up with old friends is that we can somehow always relive those wonderful memories and feelings of back then. Sometimes, I think it's my reluctance to grow up that makes me hang onto those memories and feelings more and more..but then that makes me think about why I sometimes feel reluctant to grow up...geez..all this thinking and it doesn't feel like it's getting me anywhere...I'm wondering if there's a name for the fear of growing up..or maybe if there's a name for people who don't like to think...but let's not even go there! haha!
I also feel like I should mention that I found this vintage necklace at the vintage flea market in New York when I went to check out FIT a few weeks ago. I saw this necklace when I first entered the market and decided I should walk around and see more before I purchased anything. After walking two rounds, I just couldn't leave without buying it!


p.s. I will try to remind myself to charge my camera so that I can stop taking pictures with my cellphone.......but I'll probably forget..I should really be doing more with my brain!
p.p.s. this doesn't feel like a very positive post to me..
p.p.p.s I'm also feeling quite unproductive


a, said...

stripes look so great together with red. so chic, i love it!

L.T. said...

Wow you sewed those pants yourself? They look really good. I like the nude pumps.
& I totally can relate to holding onto childhood memories.

Meisha.Style said...

what a chic look!♥

Haze said...

Great outfit, very nautical!
Following :)

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