Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apartment hunting in the big apple.

The feeling of being so relaxed at home is so wonderful..especially after such a tiring week of apartment hunting in New York. Preparing to start school next month in NYC is definitely not an easy job. Preparing myself for this move is going to be quite strenous. Spending a week in the big apple with my cousin, looking for a place to live next year, has definitely helped me with this transition though (and getting a free piece of melting cake at Little Brown after a long rainy day of apt hunting didn't hurt). I'm so glad I was able to have this week to familiarize myself with the various parts of the city. I'm far from being a local but I'm glad I have some things down; more specifically, about 1/5 of the subway map maybe?

We spent a little less than a week there and every single day was spent looking at places! We slept late and woke up early (searching online for new listings every night and morning). The worst was that we had to take the subway and walk to each listing with the agents! It was hard for me to get used to that because it's such a different system compared to Toronto. After the first day though, I got completely used to it. If I caught on any slower, I would only be left in the dust in such a fast-paced city! Funny thing: my cousin and I both got week-ulimited metrocards, and the day after she lost hers (the second day of our trip), I lost mine too (we both had to buy new ones). We were left with no time to shop, but we did manage to eat at places we haven't eaten at before. The next time I go back, I'll be starting school! EEEEEK, super much to prepare....



Lisa said...

wow you're moving to NYC?! congrats that's so exciting :) i wish you well on your move hon!!

Jenni said...

wonderful Blog :)
you are so pretty :3


Katherine said...

How exciting that you are moving to NY! Have a fabulous time and best of luck :)

Bang and Buck said...

great photo. i loved NY when I was there. never sleeps!


Bang & Buck

Karissa said...

oooh that's so exciting! I'd kill to live or even visit NY. love the bag by the way!


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