Friday, July 1, 2011

TGIF--In Polaroids, Meet My Parents

I recently downloaded a new application on my phone which gives you a few options to edit the pictures you take on your phone's camera. I played around with it today while having afternoon tea with my parents. They don't like posing for the camera so I took some candid shots of them..hehe
A few days ago, I also went to a Katy Perry concert with one of my best friends. I had a blast. The theme for her concert was so cute, and I loved her stage outfits so much. I wish I had remembered to charge my camera..but I hadn't. Instead, I took some pretty lousy photos with my phone and a billion videos for my little sis (who loves Katy Perry, but wasn't able to go).

First are my apologies for the quality of the pictures...I know I have to remember to charge my camera but it ALWAYS slips my mind! Second, my dad actually made the request for me to feature him on my blog when he saw me taking pictures, trying out the new application on my phone. Because of his request, I started taking pictures of him just for fun and then later decided, why not? 
I made this skirt a while ago, inspired by all those flowing and pleated skirts that are appearing in everyone's closests. I can't remember owning a skirt in this length but didn't want to buy one when I felt I could make one for much cheaper. I didn't end up making it until a month or two after the idea originally came to me. So I guess that makes me a bit late in this trend, but I still love the feeling of wearing something pretty and breezy, so I'm sure I'll be wearing this very often this summer. I also bought a cookie the size of my head before the concert, no?

And of course, today is a very special day for us Canadians as it is our country's birthday! Happy birthday Canada! Bonne fete Canada! 



Bonniela said...

You made that skirt?

Cute pictures!!

Aney said...

Looks like much fun - high tea is one of my favourite things to do :)

Glad you had a blast at the concert - wish I could have gone!!!

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