Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, au contraire to my title, not done everything.. but school feels pretty much done now and I can't wait to start something new! Although school isn't completely over, I feel like I can start looking for some good summer books, start looking for summer actvities, start relishing over the idea of high school being over(soon)! (so basically, the feeling of done-ness is completely taking over)

Anyways though, obviously, it's also kind of sad that everything is slowly coming to an end. When school ends it'll be a long time until I see everybody again, the fashion club that my friend and I worked so hard for this year will be over, and just the idea of being carefree, and not having to think about our futures in great depth...well, that'll be over to.

My friend just drove me home, and she was talking about how she saw a show where celebrities talked about their lives when they were 17 (my age!) and she said that later on, we'll look back and think about our fun times at age 17! (that sounds so far away!)

So my school just recently had our prom so here are some prom pictures, accompanied by some other random pictures taken here and there:
(I got my prom dress literally less than five days before prom! from: mendocino)
(after prom, my friends and I headed towards a local Hilton; we didn't end up staying too long but the night definately lived on... lol!)

The night before prom, it was our school fashion show!
Here are my wonderful models wearing my designs:
(they did so great and I was so happy to have them model my designs, we had such a great time. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have, but my cousin and her friend were there taking pictures and so was my friend, so I can't wait to get those pictures too!)

And now, we'll go back in time to a few (a lot of) weeks ago, to when my sister and I made some, very delicous, chocolate covered strawberries!

Also a few weeks ago, when my parents were away, my sister and I went to Main Street and we sat around on a sunny (but sort of windy day), and had gelato!
(BDG cardigan, and grandma's vintage scarf)
ALSO a while ago (lol), my sister and I gorged ourselves with some very delicious oreo ice-cream topped with: mangos, cookie crumbs, banana slices, and sprinkles!
Anyways, must run now, steaming a Pizza Pop because we still don't have a microwave at the new house...(though my dad is quite adamant on not buying one because he's convinced that no matter how convenient a microwave is, it's unhealthy how it makes cold food hot so fast! Basically, he thinks it does more harm than good..), and so I have to make sure that it doesn't overcook...
Toodles and XO,

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