Friday, June 18, 2010

The Last Page - High School is done!

Club Monaco top, Lacoste skirt, and featuring: my handy dandy yearbook
So, this chapter on High School in our life stories, well, we're definitely on the last page. Today was the last day of classes, and the only things left are exams and commencement. We got our yearbooks today and all our friends gathered around to write down some memorable moments, some good lucks, some "let's stay in touch"'s, and in the mist of all that, I sat down for a second, and observed my surroundings, thinking: this is really the end, the people surrounding me are some of the friends I've made along the way. With these people, I've had classes with them, had lunches with them, shared jokes with them, and most importantly, shared so many memorable moments which I will never forget(or at least try not to). And together, we've all come a long way. We entered grade nine as young little kids trying to find our ways in a bigger place than we imagined. We've taken a long walk, though there's still a lot left of this journey. I'm sad that I probably won't be able to stay in touch with everyone I've met throughout these four years, but the world is so big, and there are still so many more things to experience, and just so many more people to meet. At the end of this chapter, I'm happy just being able to recall those wonderful moments in my mind. And mentally thank those who have taken a step with me. They've helped me mature and grow into the person who I am today. But fret not, because tomorrow, I'll continue to grow and hopefully, some friends I've made throughout HS, will continue to watch me become the person I aspire to be.

My very own S. LOVE YOU!

Fashion Club presidents? I think so. LOVE YOU! :)
My friend Burcu who modeled for me in the fashion show? Definitely! LOVE YOU! :)
I'm sad that I wasn't able to take more pictures with everyone else but I'll be around school with my yearbook and camera whenever I can.
Cheers to a bitter but very sweet day
P.S. here's another picture from the fashion show!
(wearing a dress from the H&M garden collection)
Sorry for the picture being so small, but I just can't seem to be able to enlarge the picture without ruining the pixels!


jess said...

carrie!!! omgosh i cannot believe you are done highschool =( i miss UHS but of course there are so many great things beyond those walls that you will look SO PRETTY in all your pics! the last one of your fashion show looks amazing... you are so talented! just like your cuz anna! =) hehe well take care sweety said...

sob sob it's overrrrrr!, love you tooo sweetie. gl on exams today!!

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