Sunday, May 29, 2011

do what we do best

There is nothing like hanging out with my cousin and...not deciding what we want to do, laughing too hysterically, her always getting a little annoyed at me for being, eating, taking never-too-many pictures, and know, all that good stuff. No biggie, those are just what we do best.



anna rachael pang said...

oh how i love my camera! this will continue tues!

a, said...

hmmm! jack astors? random guess.

i actually have no idea where the little shop was. i just walked around and saw it. i think i remember it being close by to the store that had all those neon yellow cross guard/construction vests/pants/etc store. hope you know which one i'm talking about! i am quite terrible with directions haha

Lisa said...

Love! You and your cousin are both stunningly gorgeous! Adore your outfits!

My Vagabond Trinkets said...

i love you ladies... =) you are both beautiful.

Melissa said...

gorgeous!! lovely post too :)

Chic Escape said...

You and your cousin are so cute!

.:mo:. said...

love your shoes

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