Monday, May 23, 2011

a tourist attraction

(@ Niagara Falls with the fam; my mom and I (the apple never seems to fall too far from the tree); some things I whipped up to celebrate my aunts visiting (the lemon coconut cookies I baked were too delish!); I also baked a raspberry white chocolate cheese cake for the special occasion)
With relatives visiting this weekend, I've realized that sometimes whenever we bring visitors around, we remember again why we love where we are. Or maybe it's just the company that makes everything so pleasurable. The part I hate though is when it's time for everyone to leave and for everyone else to go back into their regular old routine.
On a side note, we have a plant at home (which is always looking like it's about to die) that rarely ever blossoms (every 7-9 years or so, there'll be flowers), but anyways, over these past two weeks, this sneaky little plant decided to grace our home with some beautiful flowers. We try to take pictures of it once in a while 'cause I guess it's a pretty special thing...hehe



Lisa said...

love these pictures with your fam bam!!

you look gorgeous! that rasberry cheesecake looks so nommy!

Elena said...

I just ADORE seeing photos with food and sweets mized with fashion in blogs. Good job!
Just followed your blog! Please check out my blog if you wanna follow me back with bloglovin!

Elena from

Beautychokes said...

Lovely pictures, the food looks yummy hehe.:) I'll be going to Niagara falls too very soon.:)


raspberry white chocolate cheesecake? I might just fall over right now! YUMMMM

Pia said...

never been to niagra falls! looks like fun! yummy food too

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