Saturday, May 21, 2011

flowers in my heart

(shirt and clutch designed and sewn by me, Rudsak skirt)
Sometimes, I feel like I can open my heart to love everything and everyone but sometimes, I become so angry and frustrated that I can barely bring myself to reason with anything. I'm working on that though and two days ago, I learned from my doctor that iron deficiency actually makes us irritated easily and also causes mood swings. Perhaps we can take the blame off of my character and put it on a poor diet? Anyways, like everybody else, I can only try to be better everyday.
Also, that little project I mentioned in my previous post, I`m still super stoked about it, meaning I haven`t abandoned it like many other previous projects I`ve started. Super excited!



Thu said...

Your shorts are lovely!

Rachella said...

The clutch are so gorgeous! And the sunglasses suits you really well. Gorgeous pictures girl, nice blog :) x

songbird said...

that is a gorgeous clutch..great outfit

Kathleen said...

aw sorry girl ur feeling down, but as u said, try n get better everyday :).
jst wanna say, ur outfit is gorgeous! and so is your style :). thanks so much lovely for following my blog! i'm now following yours as well :). cant wait to see posts from you to come :).

<3, Kathleen.

The Cat Hag said...

This neutral outfit is lovely, and you look so chic in it. :)

The Cat Hag


great clutch! xo

Dan said...

Changed your blog name again? :)

Nice outfit!

Elena said...

I wish I could make myself a clutch like tours, it's so cool :(

Elena from

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Loving all the neutrals!

Karissa said...

love the nude palette ! & those shoes are amazing.


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