Monday, August 3, 2009

Civic Holiday

Today was a holiday, but since it's summer, I guess there isn't too much significant in it.

Lately, I've been re-watching The Hills! I don't even know why. haha. It's been a while but I'm starting all the way from the 1st season. Funny though cause I didn't even finish the latest season! AND it's just soo funny watching the change in each of the characters! HEIDI HAS CHANGED SO MUCH! LOL

But then again.. maybe it's just the make up.. lols
Though, she does look a lot more like Barbie now. lol
Well, I just finished season 1; but my TV network doesn't have season 2 =( and I don't really want to watch it online. So I guess I'll miss some of the shizzle that's going to go down! Especially what will happen to Jason =( Here comes season 3! (for me)
UPDATE:omg! season three on ROGERS ON DEMAND is missing the first 15 episodes!

Today, I asked my sister to go outside with me since it was such a nice day to take some photos! She reluctantly agreed. I basically dragged her outside. lol. So this is what I wore today:

Eight Sixty shirt
Silence+Noise pants
Steve Madden peep toes
UO sunglasses
rando ring and bangles
Well, tomorrow I'm off to the crafts story to stock up on some DIY stuff. Hopefully I'll catch some good finds.
Xo, Carrie

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