Thursday, August 27, 2009

What day is it again?

These days, I've really lost track of what day it is.(?) lol. When school starts, it'll def be hard to adjust. But anyways, for the few weeks that I've been MIA I've tried to do some productive stuff but I only somewhat acheived that.

Last week, I managed to have dinner with my friend for her birthday and we watched 500 Days Of Summer (cute movie). The day before that, I (drum rolls please...) finally got those pieces-of-metals-of-a-braces off my teeth! I also watched the Time Travellers Wife the Friday before that. According to my friends, I cried so hard (by myself), but I really couldn't help it; it was definately a tear jerker. I also made a trip to the Zoo with my sis and some of her friends.
Here are some pictures of my new animal friends:
a beautiful butterfly stopping for a break.

When I was taking this picture, two girls were standing next to me and one friend said to the other "What a nice pair of shoes this would make!" --no comments.

My cousin (No, not the three people standing behind the glass):

And this ferocious beast.. who just lays there all day...

Now that summer break is somewhat coming to an end, with pre-reg nearing, I was quite upset with myself for not doing more things this summer. Which is why my friend and I have signed up for an introductory week of hot yoga. I've done yoga before but hot yoga is def not the same... I really did sweat buckets. It def felt refreshing though.

Since starting yoga, I've been waking up way too early so today, I decided to sleep in and go out with my baby sis instead. I woke up with a huge sugar craving so we missioned to the local mall to buy a huge bag of candy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


So this is what I wore for our little Candy Expedenture:
UO mens t-shirt
Forever 21 vest-ish sort of thing
BDG jeans
H&M bag

*Coincidently, what I wore for that epic day at the Zoo was only a slight variation from this outfit.

I really wish I had more outfits to blog, but I've been so lazy recently, either I didn't put enough effort into my outfit OR I didn't have my camera, OR, maybe I just haven't been out enough lately...Slightly dissapointed in myself.

Anyways, I take my G2 next week, wish me luck!


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